Yiming Min Blings Art Installation
Blings Art Installation is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Blings Art Installation

Like the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles of the US, the Xiamen Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Coast was built for the event of China Golden Rooster Film Festival, which mainly features Blings. The installation is set against the backdrop of the sea, with the bridge floor as the base, composed of 15 stainless steel Blings based on local crude stones as the prototype, which represents completeness as the full moon. On the floor are inlaid the floor-lamps, which add radiance with the lights inside the Blings at night, showing a scene of brilliant and sparkling stars.

Blings Art Installation
Yiming Min Blings
Yiming Min Art Installation
Yiming Min design
Yiming Min design
Yiming Min

As a contemporary artist, Min Yiming has been pursuing and exploring confrontational sensitive subjects such as “nature and humans” and “real images and virtual images” that lie in the essence of all things and the depth of our hearts, using different materials as the media in his long-term devotion to artistic practice beyond the constraints of visualization and abstraction.

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