Shih-Yuan Wang and Yu-Ting Sheng Coralarc Installation Art
Coralarc Installation Art is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Coralarc Installation Art

Coralarc utilizes algorithms to simulate the rules of pushing, and growing among cells. After dynamic stacking along the time axis, it gradually forms an organic curved surface. The work utilizes transparent materials to express the beautiful changing form and pure luster of undersea corals, while its colors are the coexistences of the people interacting with the lights, as well as the scenery on the beautiful bay. Through the properties of material, it echoes the endless coastline and sky when the viewer looks out at the sea, and shows different appearances in different periods.

Coralarc Installation Art
Shih-Yuan Wang and Yu-Ting Sheng Coralarc
Shih-Yuan Wang and Yu-Ting Sheng Installation Art
Shih-Yuan Wang and Yu-Ting Sheng design
Shih-Yuan Wang and Yu-Ting Sheng design
Shih-Yuan Wang and Yu-Ting Sheng

Yu-ting Sheng and Shih-Yuan Wang are full-time assistant professors at the School of Architecture at FCU and the Institute of Architecture at NYCU, respectively. They are focused on exploring the new possibilities of design that arise from the interaction of "computational design" and "robotic technology". In 2019, they co-founded ROSO, a multi-disciplinary research and design team with a goal of providing diverse design and intelligent fabrication through the collision of innovative robotics, computational thinking, and various emerging technologies. ROSO not only focuses on technology development but also cultivates multi-disciplinary talents through research, teaching, and practical project collaboration. This approach helps to foster more connections and discussions on "architectural imaginations" in this era.


Roso is a multi-disciplinary research team including experts in different fields such as robotics, machine learning, materials, construction, and civil engineering. The main goal is to use innovative robotics and computing thinking to change and challenge the current high labor-intensive nature of the global construction and construction industry, and to provide a variety of intelligent construction process and solutions.