Yuhang Chen Seesaw Earphones
Seesaw Earphones is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award Category.
Seesaw Earphones

Seesaw Earphones innovates the way of taking out and storing earphones, and its design is inspired by the seesaw in the children's park. The seesaw is one of the most popular amusement facilities in childhood. Designers refer to the structure of the seesaw and use the interactive behavior of pressing and rotating to evoke people's intuitive and interesting memories of playing with the seesaw as a child, and at the same time complete the earphone taking and charging functions.

Seesaw Earphones
Yuhang Chen Seesaw
Yuhang Chen Earphones
Yuhang Chen design
Yuhang Chen design
Yuhang Chen

Mr. Chen Yuhang is a young designer. He won several international awards in his first year of industrial design and landed 7 products. His design philosophy is to shape new products by deconstructing things. He believes that a good product must have good functionality and appearance, and must also ensure ease of use. A good product should feel familiar to use.