Wei Sun Xianyan Packaging
Xianyan Packaging is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Packaging Design Award Category.
Xianyan Packaging

This is a bird's nest product in a high-end gift box.The packaging design concept combines swiftlet and Chinese elements. The visual highlights are concentrated, and the surrounding areas are given corresponding blank treatment. Through the deconstruction and fusion of simple, natural and abstract elements, the overall picture presents an oriental classical aesthetic conception with a sense of modern design art.

Xianyan Packaging
Wei Sun Xianyan
Wei Sun Packaging
Wei Sun design
Wei Sun design
Wei Sun

Wei Sun is a brand designer from China. He uses design to provide customers with new perspectives and consumers with new values. He has cooperated with some potential brands and won some professional awards, which has won him word of mouth and reputation. He believes that the future is bright. Choosing design is not just a job for him, but a way of thinking, values and even a way of life. He advocates beauty, loves life, is sensitive and insightful; making good designs is his lifelong pursuit. He believes that the process of in-depth design is a self-dissolution and self-reconstruction. Every time I come into contact with a new design, it is an unknown cognitive world. Design makes him a richer person, he loves design, and because good design can drive this era!

DOTONE Brand Design

DOTONE is good at understanding and grasping the brand endowment to achieve the purpose of implanting cultural genes, and then communicates the market and customer groups with a systematic and creative aesthetic design language; helps customers sort out, locate, establish, penetrate and transmit the commercial value of the brand. High taste, culture, aesthetics, exclusivity, and differentiation are the brand design propositions advocated by DOTONE. It is also the inheritance and innovation of the oriental humanistic spirit under the overcapacity, consumption upgrade, aesthetic upgrade and cultural change of today's Internet China, presenting international contemporary aesthetics and establishing The ultimate value appeal of cultural self-confidence and brand self-improvement.