Wei Sun Designer Profile
Wei Sun is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Wei Sun

Wei Sun is a brand designer from China. He uses design to provide customers with new perspectives and consumers with new values. He has cooperated with some potential brands and won some professional awards, which has won him word of mouth and reputation. He believes that the future is bright. Choosing design is not just a job for him, but a way of thinking, values and even a way of life. He advocates beauty, loves life, is sensitive and insightful; making good designs is his lifelong pursuit. He believes that the process of in-depth design is a self-dissolution and self-reconstruction. Every time I come into contact with a new design, it is an unknown cognitive world. Design makes him a richer person, he loves design, and because good design can drive this era!

Wei Sun
Mohanii Brand Identity
Flow  White Wine Packaging
Tgl Brand Identity
Flycat Brand Identity
Xianyan Packaging
Mohanii  Lipstick Packaging