ChungSheng Chen Blocs Intummy Educational Learning Toy
Blocs Intummy Educational Learning Toy is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Blocs Intummy Educational Learning Toy

Blocs in tummy was created to convey the concept that everyone has access to safe and adequate food. The main purpose is to educate preschool children about hunger, and learn to share and increase their awareness on food shortage. Geometrical food blocks can be share among children to fill into the empty stomach of the dolls, guided by an illustration story book, to enhance the cognition of food sharing and food cherish.

Blocs Intummy Educational Learning Toy
ChungSheng Chen Blocs Intummy
ChungSheng Chen Educational Learning Toy
ChungSheng Chen design
ChungSheng Chen design
ChungSheng Chen

Prof. Chen holding a Master and Bachelor degree of Industrial Design, he has been an associate professor teaching product design, creative design thinking in University for more than 28 years. Being a practice designer and a university design instructor, he played an active role in creative design industry, with few hundreds of products he had designed and awarded with lots of merits and accolades. He had instructed few hundreds award winning works and projects from students he taught. He also established his own design studio focusing in strategic design thinking, product planning and branding services, helping many SME companies to acquire project funding from government.

Tainan University of Technology/Product Design Deparment

Established in 1965, Tainan University of Technology is an university with “cultural creativity” as the core value, they devote themselves to educate talents with the ability of “applicable practicing” and “humanistic technology” that conforms to the needs of the society and the industries. To fulfill this goal, they are positioned and advancing to a technology university of “cultural and creative teachings.”