Yoshiaki Tanaka Playful Child Care Clinic
Playful Child Care Clinic is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Playful Child Care Clinic

TSC Architects has designed a distinctive roof with three layers in three design strategies. The first is to gently wrap the patient. Next, the space is divided into infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases, and the space is designed to feel the wholeness. Finally, the light from the windows in the gaps in the roof illuminates the eaves ceiling, giving a glimpse of the activities inside. Surrounded by the warmth of wood and picture books, the atrium waiting room is a place where patients and children can be energetic while taking precautions against infection.

Playful Child Care Clinic
Yoshiaki Tanaka Playful Child Care
Yoshiaki Tanaka Clinic
Yoshiaki Tanaka design
Yoshiaki Tanaka design
Yoshiaki Tanaka

TSCアーキテクツは、住宅や病院の設 に従事する多くのデザインオフィス す。TSCアーキテクトの信念は、設計 された建物が街並みを作り出す要因 して外観を担当し、建物を使用する 々のための快適な空間を作り出すと いうことです。その信念を永続させ ために、TSCアーキテクトは、建物と 光の関係、建物と緑の関係、建物の 文脈に合った材料の選択の3つを大切 しています。つまり、TSCアーキテク トは、建築の境界と人々の活動との 係を考慮したアーキテクチャを作成 ます。TSCアーキテクツは、「意味の あるデザイン」の集積を伴う「ワン&a mp;オンリー」の建物を作る建築設計 務所です。

TSC Architects

TSC Architects' belief is that all buildings should be an integral part of the streetscape and should be designed with great care. Furthermore, by introducing new values, we not only provide comfortable spaces and places, but also create places that give people new insights and stimulation. To achieve this, TSC Architects carefully reads geography, environment, programs, and lifestyles, considers the materials and composition of the exterior and spaces, and considers the relationship between architecture and various natural elements such as light, wind, greenery, and urban activities. Always considering human relationships as well and designing for meaning, we create "one and only" architecture.