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Yoshiaki Tanaka is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Yoshiaki Tanaka

TSC Architects is a design office which is many engaged in housing and hospital designing. The belief of TSC Architects is that the designed buildings have responsible for the appearance as a factor to create the cityscape, and it create a comfortable space for people using the building. In order to perpetuate that belief, TSC Architects value three things: the relationship of light with the building, the relationship between the building and the green, and the choice of the material that fits the context of the building. In other words, TSC Architects create the architecture considering the relationship between the boundary of architecture and the activities of people. TSC Architects is an Architecture design office that creates "One & Only" buildings by designing with the accumulation of "meaningful designs".

Yoshiaki Tanaka
Warm Transparency Clinic
VH Green House