Mohsen Koofiani Proshot Coffee Package
Proshot Coffee Package is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
Proshot Coffee Package

The project shows the process of coffee production from planting to presenting the product. The creation of these imaginary giants and their nomadic tools is to support the environment and consumer awareness of the difficult stages of coffee production, as well as to support people who work hard to make this product and are not seen. These revolutionary coffee characters refer to the child-inside of humans and their imaginary world. The illustration is done with the watercolor technique. Using shiny parts in the print technique will allow the packages to be more seen.

Proshot Coffee Package
Mohsen Koofiani Proshot Coffee
Mohsen Koofiani Package
Mohsen Koofiani design
Mohsen Koofiani design
Mohsen Koofiani

Mohsen Koofiani is a designer, illustrator, and character designer whose academic achievements are painting. He has a great imagination and loves details, so he tries to refer to them in all his designs and ideas. Mohsen is an idea maker and likes to create an imaginary world for his friends. Loves peace and tranquility. Packaging design for food is one of his specialties and he has many ideas in this field. She loves cartoons and childish fantasy worlds and loves daydreaming.

Proshot Coffee

This production unit has started its activity in the field of food production in 1977 and during more than 4 decades of continuous activity, has always put the quality of products and consumer satisfaction at the forefront of its work. In line with the needs of society and the need to offer new products, we decided to equip the unit with the most modern devices and technology in the world to roast and process coffee, as well as improve the quality and quantity of products and provide the best. May this innovation and dynamism in the production of products provide the complete satisfaction of our dear compatriots. Proshot Coffee Factory, by employing experienced personnel, specialized management, and having the most modern roasting and coffee processing machines, has provided the possibility of producing roasted coffees for making espresso and brewed coffees. This is the ability of Proshot Coffee from other coffee producers. It has made it distinct. Due to the concerns of Proshot coffee management in promoting community health, people's access to high-quality coffee is very important for Proshot collection. Therefore, in this set, the customer is not a fleeting goal, but the end goal and end of all our actions. This goal will not be possible without observing the rules and standards of the standard.