Mohsen Koofiani Designer Profile
Mohsen Koofiani is an award-winning designer with 8 featured award-winning projects.
Mohsen Koofiani

Mohsen Koofiani is a designer, illustrator, and character designer whose academic achievements are painting. He has a great imagination and loves details, so he tries to refer to them in all his designs and ideas. Mohsen is an idea maker and likes to create an imaginary world for his friends. Loves peace and tranquility. Packaging design for food is one of his specialties and he has many ideas in this field. She loves cartoons and childish fantasy worlds and loves daydreaming.

Mohsen Koofiani
Daity Galaxy Ice Cream Packaging
Pavanpet Pet Foods
Natura Dried Fruits
Hernuta Day Dried Fruits Packaging
Proshot Coffee Package
Neev Ice Cream Package
Daity Galaxy Dessert Drink Packaging
Big N Ben Ice Cream Packages