Refaeli Yaofei Ma Y3 Neue Treadmill Running Shoe
Y3 Neue Treadmill Running Shoe is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Category.
Y3 Neue Treadmill Running Shoe

The Y-3 Neue breaks with tradition in both form and function. Equipped with advanced Equal gel and artificial ligaments, bring comfort while meeting your athleisure aesthetic needs. Y-3 Neue helps runner interacts with the shoes better than ever. A carbon fiber piece cooperates with the artificial ligament starting from the bottom lateral side, going up across the insteps then separating into two directions. The two pieces work together to hold the runner's heel properly and prevent the abnormal ankle twist during the running.

Y3 Neue Treadmill Running Shoe
Refaeli Yaofei Ma Y3 Neue
Refaeli Yaofei Ma Treadmill Running Shoe
Refaeli Yaofei Ma design
Refaeli Yaofei Ma design
Refaeli Yaofei Ma

Refaeli Ma is an accomplished Product Design and an Industrial Designer currently based in Los Angeles. Over the years, Refaeli has participated in many important design projects for different companies as a mature Product Designer, such as the most famous Italian furniture company, The Luxury Living Group; the Pretika Corporation; Unicorns & Unicorns, and one of the biggest design agencies in L.A. the PHENOMENON. Furthermore, Refaeli gained attention as a designer by being recognized with many prestigious awards in this industry, such as the Bienenstock Furniture Design Competition, European Product Design Award, and the A’Design Award and Competition. Refaeli was also selected to participate in the world-renowned ICFF NYC Furniture Show and even went on to become the Jury Member of the A’Design Award in 2018. Such a diverse background makes her observe the world from different dimensions. Her advice for emerging designers is that “a successful product should be a combination of rational and emotion, through logical research and analysis to design the product that meets the emotional needs of customers. The design process is also a process of self-reflection for me. I learn a lot and see a lot while solving each design problem. Meeting different users, clients, and continuously transposing considerations made me more empathetic than before. I now always imagine how users will engage with my design and anticipate that their high standards are as high as my own. I have to make sure that every detail is considered, every texture is explored, and each experience is curated emotionally.” For her, Product Design is not just about the business and client, form and function; it’s the polyphonic music that she writes with emotion and functional melody.

Refaeli Yaofei Ma

Refaeli Yaofei Ma is a Product Designer. Proficient in digital product development, industrial design, design thinking and design strategy, etc…