Stoked Associates Stoked KL Workplace
Stoked KL Workplace is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Stoked KL Workplace

The design team embraced the opportunity to walk the talk of workplace transformation. The idea of office never really sat well with the designer. They designed a fully open workspace area with studio as their aspiration. Making a studio that sparks creativity and encourage interactive among people. A strong visual fuels different experiences throughout this 1300sqft space and it could turn into an event space in the evening. The hand painted mural wall by the local artist is truly remarkable and the given design space are harmoniously incorporated into the piece.

Stoked KL Workplace
Stoked Associates Stoked KL
Stoked Associates Workplace
Stoked Associates design
Stoked Associates design
Stoked Associates

Kathy Fong is Managing Director of Stoked Associates, Kuala Lumpur. She works closely with her team to provide a customised solution to each design problem; and spearheads the company’s growth strategy. She has worked in global interior architecture firms like M Moser Associates, Singapore; and led successful completion of numerous projects across Asia-Pacific. Kathy believes that leadership is the ability to create and realize innovative solutions, especially in the face of structurally complex or changing situations. Her design philosophy is to bring life into the space with creative design. She believes that every brand, company or individual has a story to tell and the designer’s task is to reflect these stories in the spatial design.

Stoked Associates

Stoked is an Interior Design Agency, we share a combined of almost 50 years collated design experience among our members, in different aspect of the interior architecture field. We develop a unique approach with every project, applying human centric thinking and honing our creative thinking not only through spaces and form but with an intend to improve user experience with senses. We aim to challenge every creative process by designing unique office environments that are inspiring and forward thinking for the modern businesses. We never compromise on the level of functionality needed and allow users to explore their work and personal needs. At Stoked, we strategize and tailor user experience into a workplace infrastructure that fits individual day to day business needs. We want to give your employees a space they will look forward to, everyday. Our consideration includes how to increase working efficiency, collaboration, a place to rest and a relaxing environment that reflects who you are and what you do. It is our aim to create an ambience that invigorates.