Stoked Associates, Okamura International Designer Profile
Stoked Associates, Okamura International is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Stoked Associates, Okamura International

Kathy Fong is Managing Director of Stoked Associates, Kuala Lumpur. She works closely with her team to provide a customised solution to each design problem; and spearheads the company’s growth strategy. She has worked in global interior architecture firms like M Moser Associates, Singapore; and led successful completion of numerous projects across Asia-Pacific. Kathy believes that leadership is the ability to create and realize innovative solutions, especially in the face of structurally complex or changing situations. Her design philosophy is to bring life into the space with creative design. She believes that every brand, company or individual has a story to tell and the designer’s task is to reflect these stories in the spatial design.

Stoked Associates, Okamura International
Ajinomoto Cec Customer Engagement Centre
Stoked KL Workplace