Giuditta Gentile Fondazione Alinari Brand Identity
Fondazione Alinari Brand Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Fondazione Alinari Brand Identity

Visual Identity System for Fondazione Alinari per la Fotografia is based on A letter as a focus. A stands for Alinari and is an abstraction of a camera lens. The form is a container in which the photos of the huge historical archive can be shown. All the items are designed with this concept. It is mainly a black and white brand, with a 3 colour secondary palette taken form the daguerreotype photos.

Fondazione Alinari Brand Identity
Giuditta Gentile Fondazione Alinari
Giuditta Gentile Brand Identity
Giuditta Gentile design
Giuditta Gentile design
Giuditta Gentile

Giuditta is an art director and a teacher. After working for other companies in 2009 she set up her own studio in Florence called Frush. Her design approach is passionate, open to contamination between disciplines (even the most apparently distant one) and led by sustainability. Her design mentor is the british designer Sophie Thomas of Thomas.Matthews communication design studio. Environmental graphics and wayfinding for exhibitions and events, publishing and packaging are the fields in which she has the most experience.

Frush | Creative studio

We are an Italian visual and communication design studio. Frush has a double meaning: in Italian it's an invented onomatopoeic word for paper sound, in English it's to break into several pieces. These two meanings represent also, in this order, the evolution of our studio: from the paper, as the element where all got started, to the breaking of design rules of the sustainable design. We take into account the environment through non-invasive expressive methods and re-definition of resources focusing on quality and durabilty