Xianming Hu The Seeds Of Faith Admission Letter For BFU 2018
The Seeds Of Faith Admission Letter For BFU 2018 is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
The Seeds Of Faith Admission Letter For BFU 2018

The Seeds of Faith - The Design of the Admission Letter for BFU, 2018. The whole set includes an admission letter, a notebook and an enrollment guidance. Four types of the letters illustrate stages of the growth process: Breeding, Germinating, Growing and Flourishing. The letter is colored dark green, with silver and golden dots or seeds. The concept of this design is the power of seeds, the research objects for Beijing Forestry University. College students in BFU are seeds, that, with the cultivation and irrigation, can release power to make important contributions in the future.

The Seeds Of Faith Admission Letter For BFU 2018
Xianming Hu The Seeds Of Faith
Xianming Hu Admission Letter For BFU 2018
Xianming Hu design
Xianming Hu design
Xianming Hu

Hu Xianming graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Now he is a teacher in the College of Art and Design of Beijing Forestry University and the deputy head of the Department of Visual Communication Design. He is a member of the French Creative Design Professional Committee, a visual design consultant of the Information Research Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Management, and a mentor of the Kunming Cultural and Creative Industry (design field). He has long been engaged in the research and practice of cultural creative design, brand visual identity design, interactive experience design, urban IP design, etc., with a focus on re-media visual design development and systematic creative visual design.

Beijing Forestry University

Beijing Forestry University is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education and jointly built by the Ministry of Education and the State Forestry Administration. Based on biology and ecology, featuring forestry, landscape architecture, forestry engineering, herbology and agriculture and forestry economic management, the university is a national key university with coordinated development in many disciplines, including agriculture, science, engineering, management, economics, literature, law, philosophy, education and arts. The university has developed the philosophy of "Know the mountains and water, trees and people", and has trained more than 100,000 senior professionals and a number of foreign students for the country, including 14 academicians of the two academies and 13 provincial and ministerial leaders, representing a large number of outstanding scientific and technical experts and management cadres, who have made outstanding contributions to China's forestry industry. . At present, the university is aiming at providing higher education to the satisfaction of the people, further improving the quality of school operation, and striving to build the university into an internationally renowned, distinctive and high-level research university.