REMION Design Studio Ono Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
Ono Stereo Bluetooth Speaker is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award Category.
Ono Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

The primary function of the design is to provide the perfect sound. The design was inspired by the form of a horn (of Chief Lehel, who was a leader in a Hungarian myth). The design functionally adjusts to the performances of a speaker and the positions of the internal components. Therefore, a completely new and unique speaker design was born thanks to engineering. The design of Ono is durable because its functionality and minimalism, but it’s definitely not a simple-looking product. By the end of designing, Remion Design Studio achieved a goal which perfectly matches their design philosophy.

Ono Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
REMION Design Studio Ono
REMION Design Studio Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
REMION Design Studio design
REMION Design Studio design
REMION Design Studio

András Oravecz is a designer from Hungary. He is a founding member and CEO of REMION Design since 2014. His daily scope of duties contain lead design and sales management too. By this time as a several design award winner he is characterized as a creative, authentic and reliable strategist. Using his experience he throws himself into innovative work and branding projects every day. He is an independent designer with modern and unique style which reveals in his designs and also in business mindset.

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The REMION Design Ltd. has been presen in the market since 2014, engaging in prototype-level and serial production. Our professional knowledge is built upon more than a decade's expreience and our passion for our profession is mirrored in the stamina that keeps us going ahead every single day. This is exactly why are able to accompany and assist you with your product idea from the sketch-up phase through the injection moulding production stage up to the packaging of the final product. Design & manufacturing services: industrial design, prototype manufacturing, melting tool design & production, serial production (steel & melting), graphic design, package design, product phototgraphy.