Kyle Mani Moneta Brand Identity
Moneta Brand Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Moneta Brand Identity

OWDT was hired to design a flexible identity system that was dynamic and technically inclusive. We made it our purpose to highlight the technologies used by Moneta in the brand mark. The design gracefully overcame the challenge of balancing the brand’s geolocation characteristics and data type visuals. Moneta’s brand identity now clearly leads its highly technical audience to the world’s most dynamic geolocation technology.

Moneta Brand Identity
Kyle Mani Moneta
Kyle Mani Brand Identity
Kyle Mani design
Kyle Mani design
Kyle Mani

In 2006, I finally submitted to my intrigue of design’s effect on online experiences. Once I was immersed in the domain, I was hard-pressed to find designers embedding substance and meaning into what they were creating. Of course with its absence of formulated standards, the infancy of web design as a discipline is mainly responsible for this. I recognized that to provide value to users I had to understand them, and the best way was to study time-established disciplines built on human composition and need, such as those of architecture, neuroscience, and psychology. I manage design. Above that, I manage design incorporation. Ultimately this goes beyond the exercise of design. This approach ensures a journey of continuity that satisfies the senses and the users' intrinsic motivations. I have a long history of creating value-driven solutions for my clients. Their satisfaction is my obsession, and I haven’t been wrong for it.

Moneta Intel

Moneta uses a combination of patented Geohashing technologies with a dynamic Bluetooth mesh to obtain highly accurate data sets regarding the location and movement of mobile devices in buildings. Moneta utilizes a patented geo-location software engine, anchored by a patent-pending dynamic Bluetooth mesh and geohash to pinpoint the location of a mobile device within a three-foot margin of error. This technology can be integrated with existing mobile applications or introduced as part of a new app with targeted value propositions to uncover real-time insights into user behavior.