Kyle Mani Designer Profile
Kyle Mani is the award-winning designer of the Moneta Brand Identity.
Kyle Mani

In 2006, I finally submitted to my intrigue of design’s effect on online experiences. Once I was immersed in the domain, I was hard-pressed to find designers embedding substance and meaning into what they were creating. Of course with its absence of formulated standards, the infancy of web design as a discipline is mainly responsible for this. I recognized that to provide value to users I had to understand them, and the best way was to study time-established disciplines built on human composition and need, such as those of architecture, neuroscience, and psychology. I manage design. Above that, I manage design incorporation. Ultimately this goes beyond the exercise of design. This approach ensures a journey of continuity that satisfies the senses and the users' intrinsic motivations. I have a long history of creating value-driven solutions for my clients. Their satisfaction is my obsession, and I haven’t been wrong for it.

Kyle Mani
Moneta Brand Identity