Oyu Memories of Rose Space Decoration
Memories of Rose Space Decoration is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Memories of Rose Space Decoration

This work is inspired by the love story behind the portrait "Marthe de Florian", a work by Giovanni Bellini. The rose-colored arrangement represents her as an actress who lived in Paris during the glamorous pre-war era. The rose represents love. The blue one, on the other hand, represents the strength of a woman wandering through the whirlpool of war, but never despairing and praying for the dawn. The two large curved flowers represent the path to be taken, and the dried blue plant is called the "traveler's tree" and symbolizes the changing times.

Memories of Rose Space Decoration
Oyu Memories of Rose
Oyu Space Decoration
Oyu design
Oyu design

OYU is an artist and creative director who runs ATELIER OYU <Atelier & Gallery> ATELIER OYU is a place where flower artist OYU creates and presents her works. In addition to her floral works, she also exhibits collaborative works with artists from various genres such as jewelry, glass, ceramics, and metallic materials, attempting to link a wide range of art that transcends genres and generations. Usually by appointment only, but during the spring and Christmas seasons, we hold public events. <Sales> The works displayed in the gallery are available for sale, except for some of the contest entries, such as OYU's flower art works, and other artists' works, collaborations with OYU, and products produced by OYU. <Order production> We respond to customers' requests. Ex: Space decoration   Interior objects   Occasional gifts <Social Contribution> Exhibition space is provided as a place for art school students to present their works. We support the young creative power that will spread its wings in the future.


Flower artist, colorist. In 1982, she graduated from the Department of Visual arts education, Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design. After graduation, she was in charge of the display at a women's clothing shop. In addition, in order to enrich a sense of balance in space design, she started to accumulate experience in the field of Ikebana (the Sogetsuryu school of flower arrangement). After that, she traveled to New York, the place of Visual Merchandising. After returning to Japan, she was exposed to the science of color and architecture and build a unique worldview that combines the sensibility as an Asian and an objective Western theory. Ikebana is a fusion of extraterrestrial life, which is a harmony between heaven and human. A small universe is created in a vase and floral organs such as a board, a container, a tray, a cylinder, a basket express the deepness of as eternal as heaven and earth. The expression is very elegant and attracts the viewer. Today, globalization is accelerating, and various cultures are interpenetrating and fusing with each other. By combining the Western flower arrangement that respects reason and decorative beauty with the Oriental Ikebana that respects emotional philosophy, energy as the art will be further enhanced.