Oyu Designer Profile
Oyu is the award-winning designer of the Memories of Rose Space Decoration.

OYU is an artist and creative director who runs ATELIER OYU <Atelier & Gallery> ATELIER OYU is a place where flower artist OYU creates and presents her works. In addition to her floral works, she also exhibits collaborative works with artists from various genres such as jewelry, glass, ceramics, and metallic materials, attempting to link a wide range of art that transcends genres and generations. Usually by appointment only, but during the spring and Christmas seasons, we hold public events. <Sales> The works displayed in the gallery are available for sale, except for some of the contest entries, such as OYU's flower art works, and other artists' works, collaborations with OYU, and products produced by OYU. <Order production> We respond to customers' requests. Ex: Space decoration   Interior objects   Occasional gifts <Social Contribution> Exhibition space is provided as a place for art school students to present their works. We support the young creative power that will spread its wings in the future.

Memories of Rose Space Decoration