Vasil Velchev Lumino Single Street Bench
Lumino Single Street Bench is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Lumino Single Street Bench

This bench is made of one monolith twisted pipe There are three types of materials depending on the environment: solid-surface stone-like material, acrylic shiny plastic, semi-transparent acrylic material. The third one allows the bench to look solid at daylight and be transparent at night when the internal illumination starts to glow. For this version of the bench there is a solar panel mounted on the top of it so it can have independent power source. The simple shape and smooth design can ensure the weather resistant, anti-vandal and easy to clean. A city sculpture that can be also useful.

Lumino Single Street Bench
Vasil Velchev Lumino
Vasil Velchev Single Street Bench
Vasil Velchev design
Vasil Velchev design
Vasil Velchev

Graduated as a master of electrical engineering Vasil Velchev actually have more than 10 years of experience as a graphic designer in an international company. At the beginning product design was more like a hobby, but after some worldwide publications and awards he started to believes more in his ideas. Several years ago he started a project called MAGMA which have the purpose to collect all of his creations under one roof. The name was choosen on purpose. It tries to describe the designer's feeling about the original idea that stays at the begining of every project, to wit: it have to be always in 'liquid' form, to be transformed constantly in order to see every form it could take, to be kept alive till the idea became a solid product.

MAGMA graphics

Magma graphics started as graphic design studio and eventually evolves into product design brand label. The name came from our perspective about the nature of creating. Like the magma, creating process is not a constant value, the idea is in continuous transformation.