Brazil & Murgel Dengo Chocolate Bar
Dengo Chocolate Bar is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design Award Category.
Dengo Chocolate Bar

The design is inspired by the origin of Dengo's cacao – the heart of the Atlantic Forest in Bahia, Brazil. The cacao is harvested in cabruca, a traditional agroforestry and forest-positive system. In an effort to inspire, create brand recognition and convey the brand's message to the consumer, the designers turned the chocolate bar into a sculpture that represents some of the surrounding elements, such as dry leaves on the ground, foliage of the tall trees that provide beautiful play of light and shadow, and a variety of seeds.

Dengo Chocolate Bar
Brazil & Murgel Dengo
Brazil & Murgel Chocolate Bar
Brazil & Murgel

The designers Fabio Brazil and Henrique Murgel explore the concrete and the intangible – shapes, textures, colors, smells and tastes are all sources of inspiration for creations in multiple areas. The duo founded in 2010 a contemporary handmade jewelry brand Brazil & Murgel in São Paulo - Brazil. Through their unique and special pieces, they reproduce the light, shadow, movement, sounds and sensations. The studio has achieved, so far, 13 design awards and 30+ exhibitions in 7 countries.

Dengo Chocolates

We arrived to prepare the ground. To contribute so that farmers live well on their land and their well-being. So that our forests are preserved. And so that people discover the best combination of taste and health. And this is only possible when we approach producers and consumers closer and we reconnect people with their roots.We also come to value two important crops from Brazil: cocoa and coffee. We believe that, by promoting these crops, we are reinforcing ties of Brazilian people with their history by shortening distance between producers and consumers. Dengo is a very Brazilian word. It can mean many good things: tenderness, care, affection, exchange, a gift… It can also be used to refer to our loved ones.By bringing up such positive associations that we believe World needs more Dengo.