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Brazil & Murgel is an award-winning designer with 8 featured award-winning projects.
Brazil & Murgel

The designers Fabio Brazil and Henrique Murgel have developed a great interest in the freedom of expression that jewelry design allows. Inspired by elements found in nature, they go from concrete to intangible through their jewelry and thus reproduce the light, shadow, movement, sounds and sensations. All this turns into colors, textures and shapes that play with the perception of the beholder. Apart of the 18k gold, pearls, tourmalines, citrines, diamonds and other gemstones and materials are carefully chosen to compose the most beautiful shapes and create the most compelling details of each piece.

Brazil & Murgel
Vivit Collection Earrings and Ring
Mouvant Collection Earrings and Ring
Cypris Collection Bracelets
Cypris Ring
Lorea Ring
Usire Collection Earrings
Infinito Ring
Sibilo Ring