A' Design Award Grand Jury Panel
A' Design Award and Competition has one of the World's largest and most influential jury panels, consisting of important world-class designers, established academics, prominent press members and entrepreneurs.
Grand Jury Panel

World’s best professional designers, leading design academics, prominent press members and influential design entrepreneurs judge the entries submitted to A' Design Award and Competition, following a strict evaluation process where entries are blind peer-reviewed and voted on predetermined evaluation criteria, for a truly fair and meritocratic assessment of good designs worldwide.

Jury Membership Criteria

What does it take to become a jury member of one of the World’s most influential and largest design accolade? The definitive answer depends on whether you are an academician, design professional, entrepreneur or a press member, and in all cases you need an excellent capability to recognize good design.

Call for Jurors

Do you have a natural appetite and taste for good design? Do you have what it takes to become a leading figure in design industry? Would you like to play an active role in shaping design trends of tomorrow? If yes, apply to become a jury member of the A' Design Award today.

Juror's Agreement

A’ Design Award and Competition jury members not only make an oath to fairly judge your entries, they also sign a legally binding contract to make sure that they vote your designs fairly, in addition to not to disclose any of your design secrets or ideas to third parties.

Jury Membership Application

A' Design Award Grand Jury Panel applications are open throughout the year however jury membership decisions are taken only once a year. If you agree with the Juror’s Agreement and if you match jury membership criteria, please fill and submit the jury application form.