Maja Kirovska Designer Profile
Maja Kirovska is the award-winning designer of the Skin Art Installation.
Maja Kirovska

Very often I find my inspiration in non visual art forms like poetry or music. I like to use their way of expression, so I translate their language to visual. I try not to be limited by the form or the medium, so I express the ideas in many different media like drawing, painting, spatial installation, video, sound, performance in a wide range of forms, from free spirited to strict and precise. My artwork aims to accentuate our potentials instead of our disadvantages and reminds us of using them in full force. In 2015, amidst the height of the refugee crisis, my artistic practice took on a deeply socially engaged dimension. Moved by the plight of displaced individuals and families fleeing conflict and seeking refuge, I sought to use my art as a means of raising awareness and fostering empathy. Through various projects and initiatives, I endeavored to shine a light on the experiences of refugees, amplifying their voices and advocating for their rights. Whether through immersive installations, or interactive performances, my work aimed to create spaces for dialogue, understanding, and solidarity.

Skin Art Installation