WHYIXD Designer Profile
WHYIXD is the award-winning designer of the Tender Soul of Ocean Lighting Installation.

WHYIXD, a rare cross-disciplinary art installation design team in Taiwan, was founded by Yen Po Yeh, Zih Jing Wei, and Jie Lin Zhuang in 2011. At the beginning of its establishment, WHYIXD started from “artistic creation” and completed many “interdisciplinary” physical installation works. Later, WHYIXD gradually transformed “interdisciplinary creation” into commercial applications, and practiced various possibilities through technology, new media, and cooperation among various industries. The team continues to maintain a balance between “artistic creation” and “commercial application” with the creative method of “physical installation” and the translation and reproduction of Taiwan culture as the core. So far, WHYIXD’s works have spanned different spaces and borders, from outdoor public art to stage application, from entertainment industry to construction industry and exhibition field. These installation works are created through digital landscaping one by one, depicting the inner poetry with technology and art, and delivering more exquisite feelings that can not be described by words and images in this digital era.

Tender Soul of Ocean Lighting Installation