WHYIXD Tender Soul of Ocean Lighting Installation
Tender Soul of Ocean Lighting Installation is Platinum Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Lighting Projects and Light Art Design Award Category.
Tender Soul of Ocean Lighting Installation

Tender soul of ocean blends technology, nature, and humanity. It translates hidden environmental cues into visible lights, emphasizing nature's messages. Placed along the coastline, it showcases flowing lights' beauty, adjusting instantly to the wind's force and direction, revealing subtle sea breeze shifts. This fusion of tech and nature sparks contemplation on the natural world's dialogues, unveiling the profound link between humanity and the environment.

Tender Soul of Ocean Lighting Installation
WHYIXD Tender Soul of Ocean
WHYIXD Lighting Installation
WHYIXD design
WHYIXD design

WHYIXD, a rare cross-disciplinary art installation design team in Taiwan, was founded by Fancy Yeh, Jing Wei, and Jay Zhung in 2011. At the beginning of its establishment, WHYIXD started from “artistic creation” and completed many “interdisciplinary” physical installation works. Later, WHYIXD gradually transformed “interdisciplinary creation” into commercial applications, and practiced various possibilities through technology, new media, and cooperation among various industries. The team continues to maintain a balance between “artistic creation” and “commercial application” with the creative method of “physical installation” and the translation and reproduction of Taiwan culture as the core. So far, WHYIXD’s works have spanned different spaces and borders, from outdoor public art to stage application, from entertainment industry to construction industry and exhibition field. These installation works are created through digital landscaping one by one, depicting the inner poetry with technology and art, and delivering more exquisite feelings that can not be described by words and images in this digital era.


Founded in Taipei, Taiwan from 2011, Whyixd is a multidisciplinary design company committed to create installations and arts with new media technology. We are dedicated to creating new experiences and aesthetics, trying to explore the potential for new technology and materials. By using new technology as an artistic medium of expression, we are able to exercise our creativity and imagination to show viewers the beauty in daily lives. Our team consists of multidisciplinary professionals, including artists, designers, creative coder and mechanical engineers, working hand in hand to create innovative new media arts. For more information and projects, please visit our website: