Rosadela Serulle Designer Profile
Rosadela Serulle is the award-winning designer of the Casa Udo Residential Apartment.
Rosadela Serulle

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic having done her designs studies in Milano Italy, Rosadela Serulle started design studio in 2005, her designs are a mixture of tropical and eclectic design, that translates on to any project. As a designer she completely thinks out of the box, to her, clients are the number one priority, their comfort and the importance that they can identify themselves through design. Currently she is described as a designer who melts styles together, conforming a magical space full of artistic elements the client can always enjoy. The importance of choosing less abrasive materials towards the environment is a way she can contribute to society. Even though she has a trademark to each creation, all of the designs are different. She describes that her most important objective is to design a home where all spaces are enjoyable and used, excluding her from those designers that choose to create a museum like residence.

Rosadela Serulle
Casa Udo Residential Apartment