FFOCCO Designer Profile
FFOCCO is the award-winning designer of the Asana Guide Line Wear Posture Aligner.

Innovative Latin American Design FFOCCO | Calm Clothing | is an ethical clothing brand that focuses on introspective activities, not only for its practice but also for reaching and withdrawing. A multidimensional vision in search of innovation, harmony of forms, and continuous improvement. It is produced on a small scale and in an almost artisanal way, with the aim of developing productive and conscious coherence. Investigating with textile materials, it divides into two major universes between the upper garments made of natural fibers, while the lower ones are made of technological fabrics. Production is carried out in model workshops chosen for their quality, commitment, and proximity. The search for sustainability is emphasized, optimizing materials, not using plastic, developing textile compost, or artistic pieces with production waste, in addition to aiming for ZERO waste from cutting and production methods. Emphasizing movement, body temperatures, visual order, and using garments as guides for conscious exercise. The GUIDE collection was born in early 2020, after analyzing which grips would facilitate the postures of a beginner or perfect those of an advanced practitioner. It emerged by introducing guides into the garments. Fasteners that provide security and facilitate conscious breathing. The line of robes and soft clothing has the particularity of not generating waste or discarded scraps. Zero Waste is sought from prints that function as digital patterns, which are then sublimated using sustainable techniques and cut manually. FFOCCO is sold online and in our showroom in Buenos Aires, also known as FFOCCObox, a 3x3x3 cube space, as well as being marketed in strategic retail points in line with the brand's essence. Visual content is created by summoning makers who excel in their craft and profession, who have a reflective activity, such as architects, photographers, artists, writers, ceramists, osteopaths, cooks, and designers, among others. The brand's proposal is valued by discerning customers who make intelligent purchases, avoid impulse buys, seek quality and durability, and value comfortable design. With a philosophy of a peaceful life, visually minimalist, it promotes ecological and ethical awareness.

Asana Guide Line Wear Posture Aligner