Yuk Pui Cheung Designer Profile
Yuk Pui Cheung is the award-winning designer of the Moi Nivak Brand Identity.
Yuk Pui Cheung

Billy Cheung (b. 1992), originally from Hong Kong, has gained experience working in both Montreal and Hong Kong before settling in Taipei. Prior to setting up Graphic Dpt in Taipei, Billy was the Design Director at Daedalustudio in Hong Kong. Since 2011, he has dedicated himself to exploring the fundamental nature of problem-solving design experiences. Billy's primary focus is on creating valuable design essentials, firmly believing that design should provide end-users with solutions that have a profound emotional impact. Throughout his career, he has worked with a diverse range of clients, earning numerous accolades in major global design awards, including theMUSE Design Awards, MUSE Creative Awards,German Design Award, A' Design Award, Indigo Design Award, IDA Design Awards, etc.

Moi Nivak Brand Identity