Önder Akyazıcı Designer Profile
Önder Akyazıcı is the award-winning designer of the Clinic Co Coffee Shop.
Önder Akyazıcı

Önder Akyazıcı completed his primary and secondary education in Samsun and studied interior architecture at Eskişehir Anadolu University. In 2013. He completed his graduation project at Istanbul Bahçeşehir University. In 2013-2014, he established the Studio Garage Architecture (Architecture Services) company with his professional education and sectoral knowledge. Since the day he started his professional business life, he and his colleagues have been involved in many projects at home and abroad. With the manufacturing activity; We made store-showroom-office-fair stands for living spaces specific to the coffee-textile-furniture-law-games-machinery-elect ronics-computer software industries to reflect the corporate identity they create for companies. They are always concerned with the physical and psychological conditions, ergonomics, functions of each area. Every project is a new excitement for them. While developing the project, they always take care to be innovative and extraordinary.

Önder Akyazıcı
Clinic Co Coffee Shop