Tobias Kappeler Designer Profile
Tobias Kappeler is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Tobias Kappeler

Tobias is an interaction and experience designer working at the intersection of craft, technology & design developing innovative products, applications and services that connect and empower people. His curious personality and persistence allowed him to transition between craft-based metalwork, construction management, mixed reality design and audio experience design, taking a multidisciplinary approach to design. His keen eye for details, prototyping workflow and passion for user-centred design give him a unique edge in developing innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate into people's lives. Before pursuing the MA/MSc in Innovation Design Engineering, Tobias completed a BA in Process Design at HyperWerk in Switzerland, where he designed and developed virtual reality (VR) applications in the field of design and education. Tobias has eight years of training and professional experience as a metal worker and construction manager, specialising in designing new, and retrofitting existing, public and private spaces. Tobias is an audio enthusiast, music producer and DJ who is fascinated by the emotional energy sounds can release and the universal language of music that exists across cultures and societies.

Haragana Lounge Chair
Dinkum Mobile Application