Zarysy Jan Sekuła Designer Profile
Zarysy Jan Sekuła is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Zarysy Jan Sekuła

Jan Sekuła - Founder, owner and main architect in Zarysy studio. Being 31 y.o. he spend third of his life in interior design. With his great passion for perfection and beauty, there is no place for compromises. The quality is the priority in every area of his life. High level CG skills erased boundaries in his creation toolbox. The admiration for architectural heritage and historical craftsmanship mixed with modern approach build a distinctive personal design style. Stubborn and persistent in his believes, yet open for new experiences. Dozens of interior projects highlight his commitment to bringing fresh, cozy and personalized approach to modern design. Because interior design is not just about style, but it’s about creating Home.

Zarysy Jan Sekuła
Top of The Lake Residential Interior
The Cabin Symphonic Residential Interior