Zarysy Jan Sekuła Top of The Lake Residential Interior
Top of The Lake Residential Interior is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Top of The Lake Residential Interior

Designer shaped the interior by a composition of intersecting blocks, structures, textiles and colors. Dark tones greatly contrasts with wood veneers giving a soft and cozy vibe. The proximity of a lake, thin frame windows and a rich palette of used materials help to create a bond between house interior and the nature outside. The essence of this design are the shapes on the floors, walls and ceiling. Zarysy built an interior composition which separates the spaces and functions, but at the same time brings them together creating one consistent design.

Top of The Lake Residential Interior
Zarysy Jan Sekuła Top of The Lake
Zarysy Jan Sekuła Residential Interior
Zarysy Jan Sekuła design
Zarysy Jan Sekuła design
Zarysy Jan Sekuła

Jan Sekuła - Founder, owner and main architect in Zarysy studio. Being 31 y.o. he spend third of his life in interior design. With his great passion for perfection and beauty, there is no place for compromises. The quality is the priority in every area of his life. High level CG skills erased boundaries in his creation toolbox. The admiration for architectural heritage and historical craftsmanship mixed with modern approach build a distinctive personal design style. Stubborn and persistent in his believes, yet open for new experiences. Dozens of interior projects highlight his commitment to bringing fresh, cozy and personalized approach to modern design. Because interior design is not just about style, but it’s about creating Home.


Zarysy is an interior design studio based in Łódź, Poland. It was founded 5 years ago by Jan Sekuła. Company is focused mainly on residential interiors from small apartments to spacious residences. The idea behind the studio is to raise the quality of life by introducing creative, fresh and enjoyable design for everyday people.