Stanley Tay Wee King Designer Profile
Stanley Tay Wee King is the award-winning designer of the Haw Par Villa Heritage Lighting.
Stanley Tay Wee King

Through my years of experience, I come to believe that it is connecting people to their living spaces emotionally and physically with our lighting works. My practice builds on our ability to control and manipulate lighting in any given space, evoking people’s senses, enhancing the architectural and landscape environments, and enable creative technology applications. This demands a deep understanding of materials, nature, people, arts, science, engineering, technology, pragmatism, and how all of the above are interconnected through a vision of the future. Then, we can craft a unique design concept for each client. Passionate lighting designers challenge themselves and give solutions that go beyond the requirements. It may be a bespoke lighting fixture, or a unique ambience for a particular environment. Lighting design has moved beyond general illumination. It is now all about deepening the people’s engagement with a space. It may be a mixture of creative projection mapping to visually appealing effects created by a strong know-how in lighting hardware to software. All of which comes together to achieve the most optimal and complete lighting design proposal and end results. As we go about our lighting works, and training the next generation of lighting designers, the above ethos are what I hold dear to. Ultimately, I believe all good lighting solutions should seek to impact lives positively. With that, I hope for a chance to work with you in creating a better living environment.

Haw Par Villa Heritage Lighting