Stanley Tay Wee King Dalvey Haus Lighting Design
Dalvey Haus Lighting Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Architectural Lighting Award Category.
Dalvey Haus Lighting Design

The lighting concept seeks to create an emotional sense of peace within the residents, as they return home after a hectic day. The lighting aims to reflect the modern minimalist luxury architecture and build materials applied. The design anchors itself on the swimming pool and extends outwards to the environment. Using minimal lighting points, the space is artfully lit for just the right level of brightness, where one may appreciate the flowing water and trees in the calm evening breeze. The lighting design seeks to touch the inner most of a person, healing of the soul starts from within.

Dalvey Haus Lighting Design
Stanley Tay Wee King Dalvey Haus
Stanley Tay Wee King Lighting Design
Stanley Tay Wee King design
Stanley Tay Wee King design