Harry Miesbauer Designer Profile
Harry Miesbauer is the award-winning designer of the Scuderia 65 High Performance Sailing Yacht.
Harry Miesbauer

how the studio works many words can describe how the Harry Miesbauer Yacht design studio (hmyd) works…. and on the other hand they don’t you can call it passion… call it, the love for the details … maybe it is the eternal search for the purity of the shape and the proportions which drives us most… at end it is just… they love what we do… As the varous persons in the studio, and especially the founder harry miesbauer himself, have gained a vast experience in all fields of yacht design, they generally look at the full picture of the projects, bearing in mind that certain decisions can have a huge impact on other areas. For example... sometimes modifying the aesthetics of the interior or exterior, make certain structural decision necessary and this might results in a heavier boat with less performance... They don’t just design for the aesthetics, for the design sake of it. In their eyes, design has to work and furthermore has to be realisable in the envelope they get from a boat yard. For them it means, that the result of the whole project is important, not just one area in the process. They also put a big emphasis into streamlining construction processes, and we always try to find solutions which are easy to build, and are tailored to the boat builders on the shop floor, not vice versa what they do it is a yacht design studio in the “classical” sense, which can provide the full package of yacht design, from the naval architecture, naval & structural engineering up to the exterior and interior styling. On some projects the studio teams up with an experienced partner, when it comes to develop or strengthen a brand. Harry Miesbauer Harry Miesbauer, born 1966 sailing since the age of 6, and an avid regatta sailor in dinghies and big boats After a mechanical engineering diploma in austria he did the highly regarded Yacht and Powercraft Design course in Southampton, graduating 1998. Right after graduating he worked at the studio of Luca Brenta / Milano for 3 years as a senior yacht designer and between 2004 to 2007 another 3 years as lead yacht designer and responsible for regatta projects. In the second period he was also one of the Luca Brenta’s partners highlights of this collaboration: Kenora wally 105 , Wally B , Chrisco CNB 100, TP52 C-quadrat , B-yachts B-60 , B-30, B-38 , Nautor 76 etc. Between 2000- 2004 he worked as a lead designer with Mani Frers at the German Frers office in Milano: In this period he was member of the design team of the Swedish Victory Challange Americas Cup team and member of the Volvo Ocean Race design team of Amers Sports One (VOR 60) During this time he was also involved in various IMS race boats the studio The studio /h/arry miesbauer yacht design (hmyd) was founded in spring/summer 2007 and is based in Como / Italy and Vienna / Austria. The studio has normally two to three collaborators in the Como studio. most of them have a master degree in naval design or yacht engineering or an architectural or transportation design background Additionally they have a good, and in various occasions proven, network of specialists and consultants on their hands (e.g. CFD and FEA specialists), and they are working in specific areas, like structural design or hydraulics, with the top companies of the industry, like Cariboni, Pure Engineering, Gurit etc. It’s a multi-disciplined, multilingual group of people who all sharing the same passion for sailing and yachts.

Harry Miesbauer
Scuderia 65 High Performance Sailing Yacht