Harry Miesbauer 54ft Racer Cruiser High Performance Yacht
54ft Racer Cruiser High Performance Yacht is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
54ft Racer Cruiser High Performance Yacht

Developed for an Italian boat yard, with big emphasis to create a light, safe and fast sailing yacht, easy to handle also by a small crew. On the other hand easy to build in a series production setup. A light weight yacht, built in Full Carbon with different interior layouts, in order to suit the various needs of different clients. The deck layout features a cockpit separated into a sailing, working area and the relaxing area around the cockpit table. Powerful hull shapes were chosen to generate more stability, and therefore allows for a safer and more comfortable sailing also in rough seas.

54ft Racer Cruiser High Performance Yacht
Harry Miesbauer 54ft Racer Cruiser
Harry Miesbauer High Performance Yacht
Harry Miesbauer design
Harry Miesbauer design
Harry Miesbauer

Harry Miesbauer Yacht Design is one of the top five yacht design addresses in Italy, especially regarding high performance sail boat design. His designs have won not only several design awards but also on the race course like the prestigious 2022 edition of the Aegean 600 race in Greece. In his 25year long spanning career he was involved in the designs for the America’s Cup the Volvo Ocean Race, and several other high profile race boats.

/H/arry Miesbauer Yacht Design

The studio /H/arry Miesbauer Yacht Design (HMYD) was founded in spring/summer 2007 and is based in Como / Italy and Vienna / Austria. The studio has normally two to three collaborators in the Como studio. most of them have a master degree in naval design or yacht engineering or an architectural or transportation design background Additionally we have a good, and in various occasions proven, network of specialists and consultants on our hands (e.g. CFD and FEA specialists), and we are working in specific areas, like structural design or hydraulics, with the top companies of the industry, like Cariboni, Pure Engineering, Gurit etc. It is a multi-disciplined, multilingual group of people who all sharing the same passion for sailing and yachts.