Luan Fontes Designer Profile
Luan Fontes is the award-winning designer of the Out Of Sight Sustainable Social Building.
Luan Fontes

"He’s a student that shines and stands out due to his charisma and competency, besides his tireless motivation. He’s extremely talented and hardworking and, therefore, I believe that that experience will bring even more incentive and knowledge so that he can develop all of his potential as a future Architect and Urbanist. It is in this sense that I can attest you the seriousness and professionalism of the student, as well as his competence, investigative and intentional spirit, desirable characteristics on the profile of the student in any higher education institution and even in the technical field of the profession. I add to the above observation my emphasis, during this period, of the commitment with Luan’s ethic and character, to totally compassionate ethics without losing the sense of otherness."

Out Of Sight Sustainable Social Building