Luan Fontes Out Of Sight Sustainable Social Building
Out Of Sight Sustainable Social Building is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Category.
Out Of Sight Sustainable Social Building

The aim of this project is geared towards the local residents of Friars Island, in Brazil, paying attention to their needs and considering the bucolic environment and lack of public resources, in order to ensure basic services to the citizens. With the support of local political movements, it is proposed the insertion of forty two containers to attend two local necessities: a dance school, which used to operate in adjacent spaces to the neighboring church, and three emergency social housings, keeping in mind the need for a quick and accessible construction inserted on the location.

Out Of Sight Sustainable Social Building
Luan Fontes Out Of Sight
Luan Fontes Sustainable Social Building
Luan Fontes design
Luan Fontes design
Luan Fontes

"He’s a student that shines and stands out due to his charisma and competency, besides his tireless motivation. He’s extremely talented and hardworking and, therefore, I believe that that experience will bring even more incentive and knowledge so that he can develop all of his potential as a future Architect and Urbanist. It is in this sense that I can attest you the seriousness and professionalism of the student, as well as his competence, investigative and intentional spirit, desirable characteristics on the profile of the student in any higher education institution and even in the technical field of the profession. I add to the above observation my emphasis, during this period, of the commitment with Luan’s ethic and character, to totally compassionate ethics without losing the sense of otherness."

Luan Fontes

The place chosen for the implantation was the Frades Island, in Brazil. Located in a slightly dense region, just 11 km far from the city center. The project land is characterized by the combination of landscape formed by plains and an intense and preserved afforestation that configure the bucolic climate. Having as object of study extensionist projects of local relocation, as well as the learning resulting from the experience of the residents, the project aims thinking the island from the limits that define it, whether physical-tangible or social, assuming a critical reading about the role that they play on these resident´s lives and the impact of the residences and the dance school. The project was thought during 6 months, with an estimated execution of four months. In it, I proposed the insertion of 42 conteneirs, totaling a space built of 620 m to meet two needs: a dance school that previously operated in spaces adjacent to the church and trhee emergency social housing, which would serve as temporary shelter for the residents, always having on mind the necessity of a fast and accessible construction, with materials of easy insertion on the location. Their project aims to respect the limits of the existing topography, tracing the axis of the street parallel to the neighboring building, a church dating from the 18th century, within the limits of the unified lots, taking advantage of the space in which it had been the stage of small tenements belonging to the local religious.