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Chen Yiwen is an award-winning designer with 9 featured award-winning projects.
Chen Yiwen

Designer/Lecturer/Design founder Master's degree in Art and Design from Suzhou University Bachelor of Visual communication, Anhui University ·He used to be a part-time teacher in the continuing education of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and the School of Arts of Suzhou University, and participated in the major arts project of the National Social Science Fund. The design and research institute established by the institute has served frontline enterprises and institutions pursuing art, creativity, and quality, such as Budweiser Group, Changyu Group, BenQ Group, Guyue Longshan Group, Thomson Beijian, Suzhou University, Keya Brandy, Fourth Paradigm, Huida Gene, Bama Tea Industry, Eaton Industry, etc. ·The work has won the Platinum Award at the MUSE Design Award Muse in the United States, the Hanover iF Industrial Design Award in Germany, the Contemporary Good Design Award organized by the German Red Dot Award organization, and the Italian A'Design Award for Design (all gold/silver/copper). ·Participated in the outline discussion, visual design, and preparation for the opening argument meeting of the Suzhou University | National Social Science Foundation Art Major Project "Research on Chinese Brand Image Design and Internationalization Development".

Chen Yiwen
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