Arnaud Gillard Designer Profile
Arnaud Gillard is the award-winning designer of the Case Luggage Travelling Separately.
Arnaud Gillard

I am a multidisciplinary designer driven by the desire to leverage technology to create socially and environmentally sound solutions to complex problems. I am curious, forward-thinking, and keen to understand the bigger picture whilst also bringing focus, pragmatism, and execution to the final proposals. Working at IBM has strengthened my approach to complex problems, pursuing insight-led solutions while leveraging enterprise design thinking practices in an iterative process. My approach in identifying both problems and solutions has allowed me to explore strategic, forward-thinking designs with the user always at the center of the process. My passion for design and technology has evolved with a particular focus on User Experience Design. Whereby I can continue to envision how we can live, use, and interact with technology.

Case Luggage Travelling Separately