Arnaud Gillard Case Luggage Travelling Separately
Case Luggage Travelling Separately is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Meta, Strategic and Service Design Award Category.
Case Luggage Travelling Separately

Case envisions the future of luggage and how luggage might evolve to become something that travels separately from its owner. Streamlining the travel experience, reducing stress, whilst also minimizing costly infrastructure. The Case is provided to you as part of an on-demand service whereby it will be delivered from your home to your destination ahead of the traveler, replacing the need to own and travel with luggage.

Case Luggage Travelling Separately
Arnaud Gillard Case
Arnaud Gillard Luggage Travelling Separately
Arnaud Gillard design
Arnaud Gillard design
Arnaud Gillard

I am a multidisciplinary designer driven by the desire to leverage technology to create socially and environmentally sound solutions to complex problems. I am curious, forward-thinking, and keen to understand the bigger picture whilst also bringing focus, pragmatism, and execution to the final proposals. Working at IBM has strengthened my approach to complex problems, pursuing insight-led solutions while leveraging enterprise design thinking practices in an iterative process. My approach in identifying both problems and solutions has allowed me to explore strategic, forward-thinking designs with the user always at the center of the process. My passion for design and technology has evolved with a particular focus on User Experience Design. Whereby I can continue to envision how we can live, use, and interact with technology.

Arnaud Gillard

A designer specialised in creating radical solutions to complex problems through the application of effective UX/UI, Service & Industrial Design. Technology runs at the core of its solutions and is a key enabler to the success of its various projects.