Idan Chiang of L'atelier Fantasia Designer Profile
Idan Chiang of L'atelier Fantasia is an award-winning designer with 8 featured award-winning projects.
Idan Chiang of L'atelier Fantasia

Design Director and Founder, Idan Chiang leads the way with her strong philosophy of unifying various disciplines for the creation of elegant, contemporary style. Having majored in sociology, she believes she has a unique perspective on exploring social trends and people’s needs. This is incorporated into every project to create the perfect tailor-made solution every time. As well as being an interior designer, she is also an art collector and educator and currently serves as on the Board of several Taiwanese organisations, all giving her an even deeper insight into the industry.

Classic Timeless Bachelor Pad Luxury Residential
SoTai 3C  residential
Wild at Heart Temperary Exhibition
Urban Oasis Luxury Residential
Garden Espace Office
Family With a Pearl Necklace Luxury Residential
Jewelry Box Apartment Interior
The Notion Coffee Table