Idan Chiang of L'atelier Fantasia Wild at Heart Temperary Exhibition
Wild at Heart Temperary Exhibition is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Event and Happening Design Award Category.
Wild at Heart Temperary Exhibition

The exhibition space was designed with the Mansion House in mind, interpreting the atmosphere of Wild at Heart, creating a home like structure of movement. This temporary exhibition is designed as a combination of the dispersive aesthetics and neoclassical design. The exhibition was a unique collection of its own. he exhibition space combined the contemporary furniture, extending the spirit of travel inherited to the present day, and interpreting the core concept of Wild at Heart to show the pursuit of life aesthetics.

Wild at Heart Temperary Exhibition
Idan Chiang of L'atelier Fantasia Wild at Heart
Idan Chiang of L'atelier Fantasia Temperary Exhibition
Idan Chiang of L'atelier Fantasia design
Idan Chiang of L'atelier Fantasia design
Idan Chiang of L'atelier Fantasia

Design Director and Founder, Idan Chiang leads the way with her strong philosophy of unifying various disciplines for the creation of elegant, contemporary style. Having majored in sociology, she believes she has a unique perspective on exploring social trends and people’s needs. This is incorporated into every project to create the perfect tailor-made solution every time. As well as being an interior designer, she is also an art collector and educator and currently serves as on the Board of several Taiwanese organisations, all giving her an even deeper insight into the industry.

L'atelier Fantasia

Idan Chiang, the founder of the L'atelier Fantasia, has been praised by many international brands and high-end real estate clients for his scattershot aesthetic that blends neoclassical and modern styles. Her major in sociology allows her to remain sensitive to the pulse of society and the needs of the people; she also integrates culture and art in the space, creating a living and public space with a humanistic mindset and sense of the times through the integration of organizational systems. Her designs reveal the values of the three spaces: elegance, comfort, and happiness. She is not only an interior designer with a passion for design, but also an art collector and educator, which allows her to more broadly integrate different areas and use a more holistic design approach to create the diversity of customized spaces. She has also received many national and international awards and has been the focus of many interior design, fashion trends, art collections, celebrity social TV and magazine interviews. Her company also continues to bring together different materials, independent artists, artisans, and even collaborate with various international high-end brands to create custom designs for their talents in an environment that combines sophistication and creativity."