Aaron Leppanen Designer Profile
Aaron Leppanen is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Aaron Leppanen

Aaron Leppanen can be considered a true representative of the creative industries. He is a designer, architect and an entrepreneur, and his work has been realised as museums, high-rises and custom made homes. With experience stretching not only countries, but continents, he has become a pioneer, and has developed a knack for using local materials, know-how and labour to innovate both in design and in process. One of his areas of focus is to create forms with parametric parameters and applying it to local construction settings, thereby turning limitations into strengths and opportunities. The creation of icons through form has, in particular, been a recurring aspect of Aaron’s work. His designs achieve the best of both worlds: he creatively challenges conventionality, while still achieving efficient functionality.

Aaron Leppanen
Terrafertil Headquarter Offices
MareNostrum Residential Building