Aaron Leppanen Terrafertil Headquarter Offices
Terrafertil Headquarter Offices is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Terrafertil Headquarter Offices

Terrafertil plays on the relationship between the workplace and physical environment. Between nature and health and how design can become a tool for wellness. Our design is inspired by the fluidity and materiality of our surroundings. The form found through organic efficiencies that could be represented in the space. The office composition was a mix of open and closed spaces that mimic the organic growth which one finds in nature. Wood forms that draped throughout the space were created to reminisce on nature’s organic growth and define space.

Terrafertil Headquarter Offices
Aaron Leppanen Terrafertil
Aaron Leppanen Headquarter Offices
Aaron Leppanen design
Aaron Leppanen design
Aaron Leppanen

Aaron Leppanen can be considered a true representative of the creative industries. He is a designer, architect and an entrepreneur, and his work has been realised as museums, high-rises and custom made homes. With experience stretching not only countries, but continents, he has become a pioneer, and has developed a knack for using local materials, know-how and labour to innovate both in design and in process. One of his areas of focus is to create forms with parametric parameters and applying it to local construction settings, thereby turning limitations into strengths and opportunities. The creation of icons through form has, in particular, been a recurring aspect of Aaron’s work. His designs achieve the best of both worlds: he creatively challenges conventionality, while still achieving efficient functionality.


The client, Natures Heart, is an Ecuadorian plant based health food retail company that seeks the wellbeing and health of their clients. Nature’s Heart also benefits the communities who grow their ingredients and the ecosystems that support them. They're committed to working with our community of farmers in the ways that matter most. They distribute to over 60 countries, a wide range of superfoods and dried fruits making it the biggest health food distributor in the country. They currently have three big production plants and they distribute their products in grocery shops and small stores worldwide. Insolito is an Ecuadorian-based lifestyle brand inspired by the fluidity of patterns. Built on the foundation of bold graphics, rich colors, strong design and versatility they take their global perspective to create artful designs they tailor to their clients. The result: fresh, free and flexible projects, where the brand merges with the client to bring to life the unexpected. Home and textile products, personally designed to fit the space and the concept. Insólito has been commissioned for custom furniture, the design or interiors for both residential and commercial spaces along with home accessories. Leppanen Anker specializes in creating architectural spaces that consider the needs of their clients, under their economic, environmental, cultural and contextual influences. The aim of the design office is to generate creative answers with the latest technology available for the comfort of its customers, design and construction. Has a strong interest in developing spatial experiences through a merger of contextual, cultural, sustainable and formal influences. Creating evolution studies with parametric parameters and applying them to construction techniques.