Aleks Brand Designer Profile
Aleks Brand is the award-winning designer of the BlackDrop Brand Identity.
Aleks Brand

After graduating at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, Aleks Brand starts to experiment with different creative fields. After working as an architect for a year, he was introduced to a startup community which he becomes a part of and decides to give it a chance and build his own startup. He didn't go far from creative industries by building a platform for virtual reality movies and experimenting with what's beyond the physical space regarding his architectural practice. This startup makes it to the final of the Best Business Idea in Belgrade in 2018. After learning about creative business and creating business in the startup ecosystem Aleks takes the next step of his creative journey-fashion. The goal was to build a clothing brand from scratch. It took 3 months to create AW collection which ended up participating in the Balkan Art Fashion Event as an experimental womenswear brand that examines the non-use/unused value in the space between the stage and contemporary clothing. The collection was used in music videos by some of the biggest pop musicians in Balkan. After learning by making mistakes, the next step was to work with as many startups and creatives as possible and share knowledge and ideas in order to expand the experience and learn from others. The way to do it was to start a freelance business. That's when Aleks starts to work as a brand strategist and focuses on helping startup companies all around the globe to come up with strategies that will accelerate their growth. Depending at what stage they are, startups would work with Aleks on developing different brand strategies in order to get to the next stage. Some of the clients include thought leaders anywhere from sales to bio pharmacy and longevity industry. Right now Aleks runs Design Sprints developed at Google to help founders and CEOs around the globe in compressing months of time into a single week using design thinking methodologies.

Aleks Brand
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