Elad Achi Katipo Foldable Gas Stove
Katipo Foldable Gas Stove is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Outdoor Gear and Camping Equipment Design Award Category.
Katipo Foldable Gas Stove

Katipo is Foldable Gas Stove inspired by a spider of the same name. it can fold and fit in the palm of the hand, which can save space when going to camping instead of usual outdoor stoves and still able to hold a cooking pot. the design reflect the intentions to reach good design and more efficient style and appearance.

Katipo Foldable Gas Stove
Elad Achi Katipo
Elad Achi Foldable Gas Stove
Elad Achi design
Elad Achi design
Elad Achi

Elad is a 28 years old designers at the beginning of his career, a third-year product design student in Holon, Israel. believes that a good product is a perfect combination between an effective design that serve its purpose and an eye-catching aesthetics. a well design product should be innovative, unique, understandable and comfortable to use. believes that as a product designers we have the responsibility for the health and the well-being of our costumer, and we have to take into account the user's needs, ergonomics and environment and express it in our design; reaching a wide range of users while consider the age, the cultural preferences and the physical or mental limitations.

Elad Achi

Elad in an industrial design student at HIT israel. The project was done as part of a bachelor's degree in product design at the Holon Institute of Technology, as part of the exercise we had to design a metal product in the second year of study