Karina Frances Edmonds Designer Profile
Karina Frances Edmonds is the award-winning designer of the Perception of the Eyes Wearable Art.
Karina Frances Edmonds

Karina Frances, is a 16 year old designer, with a vision forpoetry and change, radiated through each piece she bringsto life. Her designs mirroraseamless balance between nature and her perception of the worldshe explores and continues to traverse.Each design with significance in each detail, she ventures to endeavour thebringing of her designs from paper and poetry, to fabric and sculpture. Karina is inspired by observations of the world around her. Being down to earth and spiritual, as often seen in Karina’s designs inspired by nature; Karina wishes to ground and eliminate the superficiality and overconsumption that is prominent in the fashion industry. Through shifting society's mindset of fast fashion, she wishes to create a label that radiates her values about sustainability and the beauty of living.

Karina Frances Edmonds
Perception of the Eyes Wearable Art